Letting your light shine

Matthew 5:16

Recently my husband asked me to purchase a three way light bulb during my trip to the grocery store. He explained that the lamp next to his chair only had one setting and did not provide enough light.

I purchased the light bulb and after we changed it, he sat down and adjusted the setting to his need. With a smile, he picked up the paper and started to read.

I watched as the brightness of the bulb immersed from the lampshade and landed on the paper. The light guided my husband’s eyes through the words on the page that gave meaning to the article. Without the light, he would not be able to make sense of what he was looking at.

I was reminded of Matthew 5:16 (NIV)

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Just like a light bulb needs to be bright enough for us to see, we need to shine enough for others to see the glory of God.

How do we do this? By helping those who are hurting, visiting the lonely, being a stand in for those who have no father or mother, or simply hugging someone in need.

Small acts of kindness shine the brightest and leave the biggest impact. Today I encourage you to be the light that someone needs.

3 thoughts on “Letting your light shine

  1. I agree with you completely… Little acts of kindness shines brighter. Let me also add that few kind words makes more sense than many harsh words.
    Thank You Ma for this beautiful reminder.

  2. Jenny this morning my son wanted to act out the story of Adam and Eve. I was God. I met them in the garden. They hid in fear. I had a choice at this very moment to act like a very angry God or a loving God. I prayed quickly and asked God to help me. He showed up really fast. Nothing but love came out of my mouth as I corrected Adam and Eve. They seemed so relieved. Even though we were just playing. They learned that God is caring today. I felt like God’s light was shining. Pretty neat and I my children seemed to have a glow upon their face when we were finished. Just thought I would share a piece of my day that was really bright. Jenny thanks for your post that sparkles brightness and challenges us to love like Jesus loves.

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