The Lord Is Close To The Brokenhearted

Psalm 34:18


Today I’m a guest writer at my friend
Lisa Brown’s blog.

I remember the first year it happened. It was Christmas morning, fifteen years ago. I walked into my old bedroom in my parent’s house for a quick nap. At least I planned on a quick nap. Instead, the festivities of the day with family and friends happened without me. I slept the entire day and all that night.

This sleeping pattern continued throughout the rest of the holidays and into the New Year. Drained of any amount of energy, I struggled every morning to get out of bed. Not long after, I started to feel hopeless and had trouble concentrating. I did not want – nor had any energy – to leave my house.

After a few weeks, I decided it was time to see a doctor who Read More

5 thoughts on “The Lord Is Close To The Brokenhearted

  1. I read your post over at Lisa’s blog…

    Yes ma’am He is… God is so very close to the broken hearted.

    Great scriptures and truth you shared 🙂

    love to you!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story and for enabling us to find you via Grace & Truth Link-up! I also shared my story with the same series, you’ll be able to read it in a few weeks but I’m so grateful for a community of women who’ve experienced the same thing, manifested in different ways, and that we’ve all found freedom and healing in Christ. I appreciate you linking up with us!

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