God changed me to fit the situation

Ezekiel 36:26 Sometimes we are put into situations that are out of our comfort zone – a place we don’t like to be. This has happened to me quite a few times over the years, but I will never forget the first time – the time I realized that God is in everything.

I was in my early twenties and had started my first professional job. I had just finished school and was excited to be making my own money.

On my first day, I was introduced to a woman whom I would be working with on a regular basis. A few co-workers had informed me she was difficult to work with, but I dismissed this warning. I was young and naive and was certain that everyone loved me.

Within the first week, it became apparent our working relationship was not going to be easy.  We were two different people. She was older with more work experience and her views of the world were different from mine.

I wanted to learn from her, but instead I spent most of my time trying to please her. The harder I tried to make the situation better, the worse she treated me. There was nothing I could do to change the tension between us so I turned to God.

I really wanted to ask Him to change her to be more like me, but I knew better. Her life experiences had made her who she was and that was not going to change.

I did not ask God to change the situation. I liked my job and was good at it. I wasn’t ready to move on to something different, and I certainly did not want this woman to lose her job.

Instead I asked God to change me to fit the situation. I asked him to mold me and help me to grow in this relationship to be a better fit for my co-worker.

Ezekiel 36:26 says:

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

It took a while, but eventually, this woman and I became friends. I did not do anything to make the situation better. Instead God worked in my heart. He removed the hard and senseless areas of my heart and replaced it with a soft tenderness that offered me a spiritual regeneration.

When I stopped trying to please my co-worker and started focusing on God’s love for me, He removed my naivety and provided me an appreciation for others who are not like me.

Let’s give our hearts to God today friends and let him remove the dark parts of our hearts so that we can be changed.

Today I am linking up with Live Free Thursday.

8 thoughts on “God changed me to fit the situation

  1. Thanks for a great example and reminder. It is comforting to know that God can work in difficult relationships even when you feel like you’ve given it all you’ve got to no avail.

  2. Such an inspiring post, Jenny. God truly can change our hearts and soften them toward people who aren’t easy to get along with. He has done this with me many times. Thanks for sharing today. Blessed to be neighbors at #LiveFree.

  3. What a smart, brave change of heart. Strong. Resilient. Impactful. Thank you, Jenny, for sharing this heart change that is possible, even when others are not willing to change. <3

  4. Jenny, I love that you asked God to change YOU to fit the situation with your co-worker. This conversation has honestly challenged me a bit. I find myself often frustrated with other people and want God to “change the situation” or “them”, like you said. Such words of wisdom; thank you! Blessings! #livefree

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