Safe in the fortress of God

Proverbs 10:10When my nephew was a boy, he played baseball. During one of his games, he hit the ball into the outfield. It hit the ground and rolled towards one of the outfielders who picked it up and threw it to first base.

My nephew ran as fast as his little legs would allow. He made it to first base just as the ball flew over his head and past the catcher allowing him to run to second base. It was close, but as the ball was thrown to second base, my nephew was able to slide to safety just in time.

The game continued with my nephew standing on second base. As long as he did remove his foot from the base, he was safe. But the minute he stepped away, he risked the chance of getting an out for the team.

When his team mate hit the next ball, my nephew was able to run home tying score. Although the team did not win that day, they were able to win many games that season. My nephew had the best batting average on the team that year.

How did he do it? Practice, practice and more practice. He practiced every day in his backyard during the baseball season. His dad pitched ball after ball to him and by the end of the season, became a very good hitter.

Not only did he practice his skill at hitting the ball, he practiced running. It was his ability to run fast that helped him reach each base safely. His goal was to make it home where he could celebrate another team point with his friends.

Sometimes, I find myself overwhelmed with the challenges that life brings. I wish I could run to first, second or third base where I would be safe. Life could go on around me and I would be untouchable as long as my foot stayed on the base.

Good news ladies, we do have a safe place. Proverbs 18:10 says

The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

A fortified tower is a strong and tall building. In times of danger, people would run to it for refuge and safety from the enemy.

Like a tower, God is our place of refuge. He keeps us safe during turbulent times in our lives. As the world rages around us, we can stand under his protective arm and receive peace.

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12 thoughts on “Safe in the fortress of God

  1. I am hearing in my memory the voice of a college professor who, when talking about doctrine (she was an English prof, but one can’t help oneself sometimes), would offer the various viewpoints and then, when she had made her point, she would say, “SAFE!” This came complete with umpire’s gestures over home plate. I think of this now because it so aptly describes our position in Christ. Nothing can pluck us out of his hand — or throw us out of the ball game. I always enjoy your words, Jenny.

  2. Beautiful analogy and reminder that we are are always safe with God. Your words remind me of the song by Kutless called “Strong Tower”. It used to be one of my son’s favorites so I would hear it played over and over. Thank you for sharing this at The Weekend Brew.

  3. I’m glad and happy to know God is my safe place and my fortress. Thanks for encouraging me. I’m visiting you from Monday Musings, please come and join me at Words of Comfort Link Up today! Now it will be hosted on Mondays too!


  4. Love the analogy of keeping your foot on the “base” to stay safe. Thanks for reminding us that we have a Protector that keeps us safe during turbulent times. Visiting from Intentional Tuesday.

  5. Hi Jenny! 🙂 I love picture you share of “standing under his protective arms and receiving peace.” I love that verse. <3 Thank you for sharing. ((hug))

  6. Jenny, your words are timely for me because I just attended a baseball game this Sunday. Though I played baseball for a couple of seasons when I was younger, I hadn’t been to a game in well over twenty years. I love that God is always my safe place. May we always run to Him. Thank you, Jenny, for sharing your heart at #IntentionalTuesday on Intentionally Pursuing. : )

  7. Thank you so much Jenny for sharing this very timely post with us at Good Morning Mondays. With all the troubles in the world it is wonderful to know that Good is our place of refuge. Thanks for the reminder Blessings

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