The beauty of being different

Psalm 139:14Have you ever looked at a flower? I mean really looked at one. Head to your nearest flower right now and peer into the depths of its beauty.

On top of the rose stem sits a beautiful piece of artwork. From beginning to end, petals gracefully fold into each other creating a stunning design. The petals are delicate and can easily be broken from a simple touch or a slight breeze. Yet, this flower is magnificently designed by the master’s hand. It is perfect.

Standing tall is the lily. Its long and stunning petals curve backwards beckoning the admirer to gaze upon its beauty. This flower is also magnificently designed by the master’s hand. It is perfect.

These flowers were given to us from our Father. We enjoy their beauty and breathe in the sweet smelling aroma that flows from their petals.

Two flowers perfectly made by our creator and designed for a purpose. They are perfect.

Psalm 139:14 (NIV)

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

The Oxford Dictionary describes perfect as having all the required or desirable elements, qualities or characteristics. I like this definition. It assures us that being perfect is not one size fits all.

The rose and lily are each equipped with a set of qualities and characteristics that make them different from each other. The rose that is so pleasing to the eye can hurt with its prickly thorns. The lily stands in confidence in the warm summer sun, yet quickly fades away like a wave in the ocean.

They were each given exactly what they need to perform their purpose. God also created us to be unlike each other and has given us different spiritual gifts.

Romans 12:6 (NIV)

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith.

Not everyone has the same gift as you, but that’s ok. God can use each of our gifts to help others in need.

A rose doesn’t strive to be a lily. A lily does not try to be a rose. And because we are each created for a different purpose, we don’t have to try and be like others.

We can take comfort in knowing God wants us to be the person He created us to be. And then be that person.

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29 thoughts on “The beauty of being different

  1. Sometimes it’s so hard to embrace the unique beauty God has given us. It’s so easy to see what everyone else has been given and how I fall short. Thank you for your words today. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Right here. Right now. Just as I am.

  2. Yeah, I do struggle with this.
    When I look at the gifts of others, I’m tempted to think that they are so much more . . . interesting, useful, amazing than mine.
    I love your illustration of the rose. All different, all unique, all perfect, and just the way God made them.
    Thanks, Jenny.

  3. I love how we each have unique gifts and how we are each beautiful to God. The beauty in our world is because of its diversity and to me that is what I love seeing. Your words today are a beautiful reminder of who we are in Christ as well as who we are as ourselves. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and God loves us each to the depth of His being. Blessings friend!

  4. Fearfully and wonderfully made… we are made in awe and honor by God. Each one of us is His perfect masterpiece. Which means that even on our worst days, we are still beautiful in His eyes. I love this realization… It’s my hope that more and more girls/women will realize the truths you spoke in your post. Instead of women competing, we need to realize how we complement each other. We complement each other beautifully, in His perfect way!! Great message, Jenny!

  5. Thank you so much for the reminder today that I am created for His purposes individually and particularly. I’m learning to love the person that God made me as I press into him! #raralinkup

  6. Great encouragement to embrace the individual God made us to be. Yes! Comparison really does steal our joy and perfection is an illusion. Great words today, Jenny. Glad I stopped by from #testimonytuesday.

  7. Jenny, your words bring life to our purposes. God has equipped us to do everything He created us to do. Nothing extra is needed. We just need to live our lives turned toward Him … as a flower in the field who turns toward the sun. Thank you, Jenny, for sharing your heart and encouraging mine at #IntentionalTuesday on Intentionally Pursuing. : )

  8. That verse is the verse I claimed for my daughter 24 years ago when she was born with spina bifida. She still claims it today. Yes, the beauty of a flower reminds me of how God makes each one of us unique and different.

  9. Such a great reminder to me this morning, Jenny. I often find myself feeling inadequate when my gifts don’t seem to match up with the gifts of others. Or, equally wrong when I look down on someone because they don’t have the same gifts or feel compelled to the same callings as I have. What a beautiful lesson! Visiting this morning at Holley Gerths’s Coffee for Your Heart.

  10. I love this! As a hiker and a gardener, I love to see the beauty in God’s creation. I love how nature is content to just be, to share the garden or the woods with others and not try to outshine any other plant, tree, or flower. Your neighbor at #TellHisStory

  11. That rose is SO beautiful. Yes, God doesn’t make us all the same. So thankful because it can help us NOT compare (if we will cooperate, ha). Thanks for this encouragement, Jenny.

  12. Jenny, I love how you used two of my favorite flowers to show the beauty of diversity. A beautiful reminder to trust that our Creator designed us to perfectly fit His purpose for us.

  13. Thank you for putting His beauty on the table this morning, Jenny. What a sublime way to start the day.

    A special ‘hi’ from your next door neighbor at Lyli’s gathering …


  14. What a good word, Jenny!

    I like this line, “We can take comfort in knowing God wants us to be the person He created us to be. And then be that person.”

    Isn’t it fun to just be “us,” that person God made us to be.

    Came over on Grace and Truth. Glad to find your post.

  15. Beautiful. I love how we are made in His image. Made in His image doesn’t just look like one thing or one person. It is every single one of us made in His image. It is so beautiful when you ponder on that.

  16. Jenny, what a beautiful tug at my spirit as I read your words and His truths. Thank you for the boost this gives to my weary spirit 🙂 So glad I was able to join you over at #WordsOfComfort today….

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