When fear overwhelms

2 Corinthians 4:18

This weekend I will help my dad sort through years of memories as we decide what to keep or give away. Then we will pack those memories in boxes where they will be moved to a new location – the new home for mom and dad.

Both plagued with health issues, mom and dad need to live in a smaller environment with no steps. So they will be leaving their townhome and downsizing for the second time in ten years to an apartment.

This move will be difficult for me because they will be living almost an hour away. After my first visit, the long trip home will be longer, and I will have time to reflect on this change and the ones that came before it.

Over the past year, the Alzheimer’s disease has taken over mom’s body, making her more dependent on my dad, sister and I. She has slowly gone from being “mom” to “child”. Dad’s health is steady, but he, too, is relying more on us siblings.

My emotional state is that of a mom letting go of her children as they move away from home for the first time. That may not be a fair statement because I have no children, but that’s how I feel.

It’s easy to forget this move is not about me, but them. In their new setting, they will receive assistance and care and be surrounded by friends who will watch over them when I cannot. It is the right move for them.

But yet I fear. I fear for their safety, I fear the long distance and I fear their decline in health.

A story in John 2 made me realize that fear is causing me to focus only on what I can see and leaving God out of the picture.

At a wedding that Jesus attended, his mother came to him with a problem. There was no more wine.

At this time in history, weddings lasted a week. The host was expected to provide food and wine for the entire celebration, and it would cause embarrassment to run out of provisions.

[biblegateway passage=”John 2:5″ display=”John 2:5″]

His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

The lack of wine concerned Mary. She wished no shame to come upon the host or his family so she took the problem to Jesus.

When Jesus asked her why she came to him with the issue, she did not answer. Instead, she turned to the servants and instructed them to do what Jesus asked of them.

Mary did not tell Jesus how to fix the problem. She simply told him the problem then trusted him to do what was needed to rectify the situation.

Mary’s actions remind me to give my fear to God and trust that he will do what is best.


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14 thoughts on “When fear overwhelms

  1. I’ve walked this hard path as well, Jenny. Heartbreaking to see parents become diminished and dependent. God is faithful even in this, and holds us in the midst of the grieving for what was. Praying for you right now.

  2. My parents are both in their 80s, and while their circumstances are different from yours, I can so relate to what you are saying here, Jenny. I, too, need to give my fear to God and trust that He will do what is best–now and in the future. When I was younger, I never gave a second thought to what this phase of life would be like … I feel for you in this new situation and hope that your parents’ move goes well.

  3. Jenny, we went through this this year with my grandparents. I was fraught with worries and what-ifs. We prayed and prayed for God to protect them, and looking back now, I see how God has ordered our steps in such a gracious way. Yes, there have been hard days, and I’ve cried plenty, but He has walked with us through every decision, and we are still standing a year later. 99% of my fears never came to fruition because I just kept praying and leaning in to Jesus through each day.

    Praying for your family now. It’s so hard to watch our loved ones slow down, and Alzheimer’s is such a thief. Much love to you.

  4. Jenny,
    Thank you for sharing about your sweet mama. I will keep her in prayer and lift you up as you journey through this with her. I’m doing a bible study right now called, “The Grave Robber” by Mark Batterson. I’m thankful that you reminded me of God’s first miracle. His first miracle was turning water into wine. His mother trusted that she only needed to bring him the problem. God bless you this week.

  5. Thank you. Your honest sharing is a real blessing. Mary is such a great example of taking a problem to Jesus and leaving it with Him, trusting He’ll do all that is needed.
    Praying for blessing on your mom and dad, you and your sisters, may you be filled with peace and joy by the God of hope.
    (Glad I stopped by from Faith-Filled Fridays)

  6. These life changes are so hard. Praying for you in this transition. Love how you’ve applied this passage – that it’s all really in how we turn to Jesus, share our lives with him and trust him to lead us through whatever we’re facing.

  7. Amen! Jenny, I can’t imagine how difficult this transition must be for you whole family! I’ll be praying God fills you with His comfort and care through every step of the way!

  8. Fear of the unknown through new seasons/changes of our lives is so frightening! I dealt with my dad having Alzheimers over 11 years ago(now he is passed) and now my mom is showing signs of memory loss. Trusting God to give us the strength and peace we need to put their care in other’s hands is not easy at all. And it is difficult to have our parents lose the memories of their family members and loved ones. I love how you shared how Mary trusted, even when she had no idea what Jesus would do as an example to us all. I have learned to enjoy and appreciate rare moments that have been good with both of my parents. May God bless and comfort you through this difficult time.

  9. This does sound hard. I pray that the transition goes smoothly and that your parents will be happy in their new home. I love the story that you related to this, of how Mary simply presented Jesus with the problem and trusted him to take care of it.
    Thank you for linking with Grace and Truth last week!

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