The cost of following Jesus

Luke 9:23

A friend and her family had recently moved to a new city. Their new home is hours away from the place she had lived her entire life. She was comfortable in her hometown, surrounded by family and friends, and had no intentions of ever leaving.

When her husband brought up the subject of moving, she immediately dismissed it. Her mind and heart were closed to any thoughts or discussions of the idea. She couldn’t bear the thought of moving away from loved ones.

How could she pack up her family and move to a place they have never been to? Where would they live? What were the schools like? There were so many unknowns.

She had committed her life to Christ many years ago and was passionate about following him wherever he would lead her. But she never imagined the cost of moving far from the only life she knew.

Still another said, “I will follow you, Lord; but first let me go back and say goodbye to my family.” Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” –  [biblegateway passage=”Luke 9:61-62 ” display=”Luke 9:61-62 “](NIV)

In Luke, we meet a man who had a choice between two paths. His left foot rested on one path while his right foot was situated on the other. He wanted to follow the path Jesus was leading him on, but he also wanted to stay on the path that was familiar to him – the one that kept him home with his loved ones.

Maybe, like my friend, he was afraid to leave his comfortable and safe life. Or maybe he thought he could ease into being a disciple by following Jesus part-time. When Jesus asks us to follow him, he wants our whole heart and willingness to go where he leads.

After a few weeks of praying, my friend opened her heart to the move. It was not easy for her. She was afraid of what lie ahead, but her faith in Jesus carried her on this new path of life.

She could have stayed on the path she was already on, but she chose to take the one Jesus was calling her to. If she had remained closed to following Jesus, she would have missed out on wonderful opportunities to serve him.

Like my friend and the man in scripture, we are all called to be a disciple of Christ. This may mean leaving the comforts of life to travel to unfamiliar territory, but when we follow Jesus in faith, we receive many blessings that will last for eternity.

Jesus is calling. Are you ready?

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2 thoughts on “The cost of following Jesus

  1. “Ease into” is a perfect way to describe ways we would rather follow Jesus than the way He calls us. I know that the part-time follower is NOT the one Jesus wants. Sometimes, I must stop in my tracks, realizing that I am giving just part of me, part of my heart, part of my everything to the One Whom I love. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Thank you for the reminder and I can relate to your friend about how hard it is to sometimes follow and sometimes it takes a struggle first before finally obeying although we’d like to follow without the struggle.

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