Why is it taking so long to see your dream come true?

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I have a dream to write a book. For several years, I have been praying and working towards this goal, but sometimes it’s hard to determine if I am any closer to seeing this happen. I often wonder if it’s even worth pursuing.

I pray and wait. Pray and wait.

Why is it taking so long?

When will I ever see my dream come to fruition?

I was pondering these questions recently while visiting the zoo. Before entering an indoor exhibit, I had to walk a pathway lined with tall, green bamboo on both sides. It made me feel as if I was in another place far from the city that surrounds the zoo. The bamboo trees were tall and reminded me of the beanstalk that Jack climbed in the story Jack and the Beanstalk. I wished I could climb to the top of one and see my future – as if that were possible.

There was something about the bamboo trees that intrigued me. I did some research and found some amazing things. The Chinese Bamboo grows throughout Asia and is the largest member of the grass family.

This tree is pretty amazing because it is very strong. In fact it is stronger than brick or concrete. Because of this amazing strength, it can hold large amounts of weight. In China, footbridges and homes are built from the Chinese Bamboo.

The usefulness of the Bamboo doesn’t stop there. It can also be used for cooking, clothing, musical instruments and writing tools. It is even used as a medicine to treat minor skin conditions.

Here is where we get to the good part. This versatile tree that stands tall and strong and can be turned into just about anything, starts as a tiny, delicate seed. It cannot care for itself, must be tended too daily and needs water, sunlight and a lot of time.

The farmer who plants this tree must be very patient because this little seed will not show any signs of life for five years. That’s right. Five years. But when the first signs of life do emerge from beneath the ground, it grows fast and furious. Within four months the tree will be at its full height of 90 feet.

[biblegateway passage=”Colossians 2:7″ display=”Colossians 2:7″] (NIV)

 Plant your roots in Christ and let him be the foundation of your life.

So why does it take so long for it to grow? It’s actually preparing for its entrance into the world.

The seed knows its job is to grow strong and tall so it prepares by focusing on its roots first. The seed takes those first few years growing roots deep into the earth. Without this stability and foundation, it cannot grow into the tree it is supposed to be.

Farmers know that if they continue watering their seed, it will grow in time. The same can be said for our own bamboo dream.

Before we can accomplish our goals, we must water our seeds in faith and let God prepare our roots.

With our perseverance in faith, we will one day see signs of life coming up through the ground. Books are written, marriages mended and the battle with weight is won.

What is your bamboo tree? Go ahead – water it today.


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3 thoughts on “Why is it taking so long to see your dream come true?

  1. What a lesson in perseverance. And what a reward for those who keep watering the seed. Thank you this will help me to keep watering the seed in my writing of poetry and short stories and other writing i am working on.

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