Book Review: Cinched: Living with Unwavering Trust in an Unfailing God

Cinched: Living with Unwavering Trust un an Unfailing God by Kristine Brown

Do I live like I trust God?

This is the question Kristine as

ks in her introduction. I must confess; I don’t always read the introduction. But as I read this question, I felt as though it was coming to me directly from God.

This book spoke to me. How did Kristine know I deal with worry, uncertainty and assumptions? Because she has been there.

Facing a cancer diagnosis, Kristine asked herself this question. It became the foundation for this book. Before reaching the first chapter, I realized this book is for me.

Kristine takes a deep dive into the story of Rahab. Although her story is short, there is a lot we can learn. She also shows readers

how to live our trust in God through 10 lessons.

“When it comes to trusting God, there’s a life-changing difference between knowing it and living it”.

I needed this book. Kristine talks to the reader as a friend who is guiding, teaching, and cheering for us.

Cinched is a wonderfully written book for those who struggle with letting go of worry. For those who are facing pain and defeat and trusting in God.

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