Kristi Woods - Staying the Course

I recently had a chat with my friend and fellow writer, Kristi Woods. We met through Facebook, COMPEL, and later in person. We talked about her family and writing.

Jenny - Tell me about your family.

Kristi - I am married to a wonderful man, Tony, who is retired from the US Navy. We have three children, two are in college and one is a senior in high school.

Jenny - When did you decide to be a writer?

Kristi - I have always loved to write. When my husband’s career took us to Hawaii, I began to feel God calling me to write.

I started a blog but it was more of a way to keep family and friends updated. It wasn’t until he retired, and we settled down in Oklahoma that I really started to write.

Jenny - Tell me about your writing.

Kristi - I started by joining COMPEL where I learned to refine my writing. COMPEL is a membership website for writers. It was created to help writers through their journey of becoming authors.

After a few months, my writing was not going anywhere, and I became insecure and fearful of rejection. I went to God for guidance, and his response was, “Stay the course.”

Not long after, I was telling a friend about my lack of progress. She confirmed I was on the right course when she said, “Stay the course.” So, I did.

Jenny - Do you prefer to write fiction or non-fiction?

Kristi - I have been writing non-fiction for a long time, but a few years ago, I felt God calling me to write fiction.

Someone once asked me, “Are you a writer telling a story or a storyteller who writes?” I thought a lot about that question and decided I am a storyteller.

I dip my toes in both fiction and non-fiction, but I mostly concentrate on the fiction part.

Jenny - How big do you want your writing to get?

Kristi - I don’t think about writing and speaking to thousands of people at a time. That would need to be in God’s plan.

Jenny - What is your daily routine?

Kristi - I try to write 8am to 4pm but it varies depending on the needs of my children. I am currently writing a Bible Study and work on that every morning. I have lunch in the afternoon, then I spend the afternoon writing.

Jenny - Have you written any Bible studies?

Kristi - I published three Bible Studies and am working on a fourth one. It will be finished in late September or early October.

More about Kristi

Kristi currently has three published Bible studies. You can find them on her website. She has written for Guideposts, Wholly Loved, Upper Room, Focus on the Family, and Today’s Christian Living.

Her short fictional story, “Lost Stilleto“ received an honorable mention in the Women on Writing’s Fall 2017 fiction contest and the NE Texas Writer’s Organization 2018 annual contest.

She is currently working on a short story called "Repairing Our Forever." It will be included in a collection of short stories by the Oklahoma Christian writers, all who write in different Christian genres. You can find it on Amazon later this year.

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