Zoe Asher

When I first heard Zoe Asher speak, I was blown away. She is an amazing woman whose heart is all in for God. And she is from my neck of the woods.

Someday I am going to see her picture in a magazine or on television. I'm going to nudge the person next to me and say, “I know her.”

Her podcast, Accidentally Intentional, is about faith and relationships. This summer she is pulling back the curtain on her own life. She tells stories about bullies and working as a professional stunt woman. She also shares the time she walked onto a movie set and became a production assistant.

The more I listened to her podcast, the more I wanted to know. So, I reached out and asked her. Here is what she had to say:

Jenny - Where did you go to college?

Zoe - I went to Grove City College, located an hour North of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I majored in Entrepreneurship.

Jenny - Where do you work?

Zoe - I have been on the ground floor of many startup companies. I enjoy the fast-pace culture it provides. Now I am praying about my next adventure, but I think it will be on content creation.

Jenny - What is your salvation story?

Zoe - I grew up in a Christian home and attended a Christian school. I Guess you could say I rode on the coattails of my parents.

It wasn’t until my first year of college that my relationship with God became personal. One night a group of us were sitting around sharing testimonies. I realized I did not have one.

Later, I was studying by myself when I felt a rush of warmth come over me. I immediately walked to the college’s Chapel and prayed. It is there I heard God say to me, “I have been here the whole time. All you had to do was reach out.”

That’s when I truly had a relationship with God.

Jenny - What is your passion?

Zoe - To help others find Jesus.

Jenny - What role does prayer have in your life?

Zoe - For a while, I found myself putting God in a pocket until I needed him. But he eventually reminded me there is never a time when I don’t need him.

I used to listen to podcasts while walking but there was no quiet time. God showed me that I can use this time in prayer instead of listening to podcasts. Now I walk and pray with no noise

Jenny - What is your favorite scripture?

Zoe - I love Mark 9:24. It’s about a man whose son was possessed by a spirit and could not speak. The man is asking Jesus to help him in his unbelief. I ask that of God for myself.

I do believe; help me overcome my belief. - Mark 9:24

Jenny - Does your church offer mentoring programs with other women?

Zoe - Yes, they do. But at first, I did not take advantage of it. I initially thought women would reach out to me, so I waited. Eventually, I approached them and have formed some great relationships.

I think it’s very important for women to mentor each other. I am currently mentoring a few women myself.

Jenny - Do you feel it’s important to have other Christian women in your life?

Zoe - Yes. I believe it’s very important for women to have good friends that are Christians. My closest friend is married with a child. Even though we live different lives, we make time to be together. We build each other up.

Jenny - What gives you joy?

Zoe - To have a deep conversation with someone. I love being able to see a person’s heart. It always gives me joy to entertain others through storytelling. I also enjoy making others laugh.

Jenny - What are some of your strengths?

Zoe - Communication comes first. I’m good at putting myself in other person's shoes. It helps me identify what they are feeling. I’m also very creative and imaginative. These are the qualities I want to use in my career.

Jenny - Is there any advice you would like to give?

Zoe - Yes. Sometimes we feel that God is not near us. When that happens, look around the room. Imagine God sitting in a chair. This helps re-center your thoughts to know he is there.

I truly enjoyed talking with this young woman who is going to do great things for the Lord.

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